World of Color is a nighttime show at Disney California Adventure. It is considered to be the most impressive and fanciful night time extravaganza ever produced by Disney. It is accompanied by momentous music as well as stunning fire, fountains, fog, lights and lasers.

To create the 19,000 square-foot projection screen, nearly 1,200 fountains shoot water 200 feet into the air. As the show’s extraordinary elements are woven into a kaleidoscope of imagination, the spectacle sweeps the landscape, while the astonishing soundtrack lifts your spirits.

The site had to be informative and immersive at the same time. The main goal of the digital campaign was to celebrate Disney’s nighttime extravaganza while literally transporting the users into an awe aspiring experience, right from their PCs.

Keeping in mind the true spirit of the show, we embarked on the journey to create a  truly cinematic experience for the site,  using all the original assets and artwork  created for the show by Motion Theory.

The campaign demanded a bold, yet a playful typeface. After several typefaces we landed back on Avenir. Avenir was already a part of Disney’s design DNA. Hence we opted to go with bolder fonts within the same family.

Light and color were two of the key elements of the show. So, it was essential to incorporate   these elements into the digital experience. After a ton of experimentation, we were finally able to strike a good balance between the subtlety and vibrancy of the colors.

We applied vivid color gradients across the spectrum in order to achieve the required effect. We had to be cautious so that the resultant effect was not over-powering, and had to make sure, that the colors worked in harmony with the rest of the theme.

A long horizontal ribbon with multiple sections was designed as the primary interface for the site. This helped create a truly cinematic and an immersive experience for the users.

UI Wireframe of Disney World of Color site